Hi, my name is Sarah Gless. I'm an art director, designer and photographer living in Chicago. 

Originally from Iowa, I was a teenager as the world adopted the internet, greeted daily with “You’ve got mail” and building fansites for bands I loved on GeoCities. 

Fast forward to 2010, I had turned what I was doing on my old Gateway into a career. I worked on marketing and eCom teams with retailers Hot Topic and True Religion in Los Angeles. During my tenure at both companies, I led creative on a variety of challenges, merging brick-and-mortar and digital experiences with compelling design.

In 2015, I made the move to Nelson Cash, a small startup agency in Chicago, Illinois. I collaborated with strategists, developers and writers on a variety of projects — from product design to video production — with industry leaders, including Google, YouTube, Gusto, and Dev Bootcamp.

I'm currently available for new opportunities. Want to work together? Send me an email, reach out on LinkedIn, or follow along on Medium and Instagram.